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  • Layering
  • Blending
  • Creating textures
  • Combining brushes

Procreate training

Procreate is recognised by artists, illustrators and the gaming industry as the most powerful and intuitive digital drawing and painting app for the iPad. It offers an abundance of features that enable you to create the most expressive sketches, paintings and illustrations from the comfort of anywhere that you might find yourself. As well as being incredibly faithful to standard drawing and painting approaches the iPad and Procreate can also offer visual opportunities and possibilities not attainable to traditional drawing and painting media.

All digi-training is bespoke, so you tell us what you need to learn. We cater for all levels from beginners to advanced level. Below is an overview of what we can offer…

• working with and importing brushes
• understanding the uses and benefits of the layering system
• choosing, manipulating and storing colour from the palettes
• uses of iPencil and standard stylus
• gradation techniques
• importing, working with and manipulating photographs and other source material
• storing, exporting and printing images
• perspective assist
• canvas size and scaling
• digital enhancements and filters
• uses of opacity and transparency
• sessions based on visual starting points

Please contact us to discuss your individual training requirements

One-to-one training

Prices start from £45 per hour, although we prefer to teach in 2 hour blocks as we feel this makes the most of your training.

Block bookings of 6 lessons or more will be eligible for a 10% discount.*

Block bookings of 10 lessons or more will be eligible for a 20% discount.*

Session Duration Discount Price
1 1 hour NA £45
1 2 hrs NA £80
6 12 hrs 10% £432
10 20 hrs 20% £640

* To qualify for discount all sessions must be paid for in advance
Please note we require 24 hours notice of cancellation of sessions or the full training fee will be charged.

If you would like to train as a group please contact us or see our page about small group training.

The Client: Lou, artist

Lou using Procreate, Brighton UK

Lou is an artist based in Brighton.

The Objective

  • To gain a working knowledge of Procreate in order to emulate Lou’s existing drawing and painting approaches.

Key Skills

Before embarking on any training a free, one hour, no-obligation consultation is arranged to talk through the training and how digi-training can help. In this instance the following course of action was agreed;

Procreate training: brushes, image manipulation using layers, layers, colour palettes, colour storing, gallery, exporting and printing.

Lou wanted to discover if she could use a digital app in order to imitate her loose watercolour and pen illustration style. This would give her the opportunity to be more mobile without the need to carry around lots of materials and could even mean she could draw new previously less accessible subjects discreetly.

Lou says:

“My aim with Julian had been to see if it was possible to translate my regular approaches to digital. We undertook a number of exercises that illustrated to me that yes it was possible and it also added newer dimensions I had been unaware of previously which was very exciting. For instance, using layers can transform your drawing in unimaginable ways within seconds. These new ideas can then be exploited and fed back into other work”.

Lou, artist, Brighton

Julian Vilarrubi

 Julian Villerubi, Procreate Tutor

Julian has 20 years of experience teaching at all abilities and ages at FE and HE level. 

Specialist areas are fine art, working with and from the figure, digital drawing and painting.

He has written and illustrated a book Life Drawing on the iPad published in 2018 demonstrating drawing approaches through the use of apps.

He is a practising painter who has been exhibiting work in the UK and Europe since 1985.