Intermediate Procreate Course


By the end of this course, you will have a good level of familiarity with all the app essentials and will have the potential to build on and extend your own learning in order to produce personal striking outcomes in response to your ideas.


The Procreate intermediate course establishes the learning from the Intro to Procreate course by exploring the app further with projects and demonstrations on animation, grouping, calligraphy and typography.

The Procreate mobile app can be used quickly and effectively for creating dynamic, visually engaging artwork and designs that can be viewed, shared and transferred easily across devices for a diverse range of practitioners ranging from interior designers, and architects to fine artists, garden and textile designers.

Session 1

  • Embed learning from Introduction to Procreate
  • Group layers: maintain their individual identity
  • Copy and transfer drawings or details to share

Session 2

  • Create a range of different animations
  • Use settings, memory and editing
  • Animate in the illusion of 3-dimensions

Session 3

  • Working with repetitions and pattern
  • Save time by knowing how and when to repeat selections of your work
  • Re-integrate selections into your drawing

Session 4

  • Calligraphy and typography
  • Learn methods to play with hand-drawn and typed lettering to make it vibrant and engaging

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