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Business coaching

Business coaching


  • Create and communicate your business message effectively
  • Build or develop your social media strategy
  • Create content to help build your brand, grow your audience and increase leads & sales
  • Plan, structure and schedule your social media content

Business coaching

Learn how to communicate your business message clearly and concisely.

Below is a overview of what we can offer…

  • 1:1 business coaching session
  • Creating your elevator pitch or business message
  • Defining your target audience
  • Finding the right social media platform(s) for your business
  • Telling your business story
  • Develop your social media strategy
  • Content creation
  • Scheduling and managing your social media content
  • Growing your audience

For more info, take a look at www.heads-up-coaching.com

The Client: Travel Counsellors, Hove

Morelli Zorelli, Brighton

Lesley Anne Baker is the owner of Travel Counsellors, independent travel consultant.

The Objectives

  • To gain skills in industry software: Adobe InDesign
  • To create own menu templates and signage for inside and outside the restaurant

Key Skills

Before embarking on any training a free, one hour, no-obligation consultation is arranged to talk through the training and how digi-training can help. In this instance the following course of action was agreed;

InDesign training: page layout, typography, image placement, text wrap, templates

In addition, digi-angels was utilised to create signage artwork in Illustrator and print-ready artwork for the menu once design work was completed


Lesley says:

‘Lyndsey has helped me to be more focused on the content I share with my audience. She has helped me ensure my message is consistent but equally keeping my communications relevant and on topic in line with ever changing circumstances. I can recommend to anyone that wants to be in business this time next year, to speak with Lyndsey to see how she can help you market your product.’

Lesley Anne Baker, travel consultant, Travel Counsellors

Lyndsey Segal

Lyndsey Segal Business Coach

Lyndsey has a Psychology degree, a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Primary) and Diploma in Performance Coaching.

She is a Business Coach and founder of Heads-up Coaching.

She helps individuals, businesses and teams gain clarity and confidence to start, develop and grow a business which thrives.

Lyndsey offers 1:1 coaching, team training workshops and networking and business coaching events to help you focus on your business development and direction, find solutions to your business challenges and achieve your professional goals.