Who we teach

We teach adults 16 years of age and above. We teach:

  • Creatives: graphic designers, textile designers, industrial designers, illustrators, photographers and artists
  • Writers: editors, copywriters and journalists
  • Marketing personnel: looking to brush up their digital skills
  • Small business owners: keen to do their own marketing
  • Charities: to bring skills in-house and make significant savings
  • Returners: people returning to work after having had their children, or through redundancy or illness
  • Graduates: wishing to fill gaps in their knowledge or add to their skills to make them more employable
  • Students: on diploma and degree level courses looking to improve their skillset
  • Teams: build team confidence with our tailored group training
Learn InDesign with dig-training

Adobe InDesign training

Adobe InDesign is the industry standard page layout package for use in creating brochures, business stationery, books, interactive documents and leaflets.

Adobe Illustrator training with digi-training Brighton and Hove UK

Adobe Illustrator training

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard drawing package for use in creating vector logos, digital illustration, signage, pattern and textile design.

Adobe Photoshop training with dig-training Brighton and Hove UK

Adobe Photoshop training

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard package for use in editing and correcting photographs, creating raster-based artwork, web graphics and imagery.

Adobe After Effects Training

Adobe After Effects training

Adobe After Effects is the industry standard for motion graphics and 2D animation.

Learn InDesign with dig-training

WordPress training

WordPress is the industry-standard content management system for building professional websites. 

Learn online via Zoom

Online training

We are now offering live online training for any of our packages. Contact us for more information.

Adobe Illustrator training with digi-training Brighton and Hove UK

Group training

Group training can be arranged for any of our training packages. It is suitable for 2–6 people all working at about the same level.