Advanced Procreate Course


By the end of this course, you will have an advanced level of familiarity with the Procreate app and will have the expertise to extend your own learning and customise the app to your own requirements.

In the advanced Procreate course, you will learn how to customise your use of the app and control it in a number of effective time-saving ways. This will include working with the brush studio and gesture controls, painting and drawing on 3-dimensional models, effects, and exporting and sharing your work. The Procreate mobile app can be used quickly and effectively for creating dynamic, visually engaging artwork and designs that can be viewed, shared and transferred easily across devices for a diverse range of practitioners ranging from interior designers, and architects to fine artists, garden and textile designers.

Session 1

  • Effects and brush studio
  • Use effects to adjust and fine tune your work to gain maximum impact and relevance. Customize existing brushes and design your own.

Session 2

  • Gestures and shortcuts
  • Use on-screen tabs and pre-load time saving

Session 3

  • Textures
  • Draw or import textural elements to enhance the tactile in your artwork or design qualities

Session 4

  • 3-D painting
  • Paint and draw on your designs on existing 3-D models or import your own to work on
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Gift card FAQs

How much do the gift cards cost?

The cards come in three denominations:

  • £45 – equivalent to one session
  • £90 – equivalent to two sessions
  • £150 – a course (four sessions)
What can they be used for?

Gift vouchers can be used for any of our training programmes:

How long are they valid for?

The cards are valid for 6 months from date of purchase

How are they delivered?

Gift vouchers are delivered by email to the recipient

Is there a physical version of the gift cards?

If you would like a physical version of the gift card please contact us and we will post a printed version out to you

Can they be exchanged or used by someone other than the original recipient?

They can, but please contact us if you would like to do this

Help! The card has expired - is there anything you can do?

If you have issues with using the card before the expiry date please contact us to see if we can help

I have lost my gift card - can I still redeem it?

We will check our records and if your claim is valid that should be possible. Please contact us if this has happened.

Who are the gift cards for?

Gift vouchers are generally bought for family and friends who have an interest in a creative career or hobby. For example, a daughter buys a gift card for an Introduction to Procreate for her mother who has been playing with the programme but needs some guidance on how to use it effectively.